Nate Diaz Video With Female Fan At Hotel Leaks

Nate Diaz may be one of the best fighters to ever go uncrowned. Diaz has remained titleless throughout his UFC career, failing to win gold during his stints in the lightweight and welterweight divisions across the past decade. However, his fans have his back.



Fans can be heard in the video chanting to the tune of the uncrowned champion as they yelled: “The champ is here! THE CHAMP IS HERE!” It seems like they took a few tips from John Cena in their chants.

Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson battled it out, but ‘El Cucuy’ was unable to deny Diaz a fitting ending in what was seemingly his final outing in the octagon. Diaz submitted Ferguson in the fourth round of the main event via guillotine choke. The submission had a special Diaz touch as the iconic flex on the ground returned with his opponent still in his clutches. After his win, the Stockton native received a lot of love from his fans as the party began in Sin City.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by InsideFighting, Diaz is seen walking through a packed casino lobby as his team members and security personnel walk alongside him. Fans can be seen surrounding the legendary fighter as he obliges them with waves and selfies.

Watch the video below:

Many have wondered what’s next for Diaz, and he has answers. The Stockton native addressed the crowd as he spoke to Joe Rogan in his post-fight octagon interview: “I want to get out of the UFC for a minute and show all these UFC fighters how to take over and own up another sport. How you’re supposed to do it. Because Conor McGregor didn’t know how to do it. And none of these other fighters know how to do it.”

Diaz signaled his intention to step on canvases other than the octagon and promised to dominate in a way that other UFC fighters haven’t. Chief among them is Conor McGregor and his infamous foray into boxing against the legendary Floyd Mayweather.

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