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Negative Backstage Reaction to Last Night’s WWE RAW, Creative Changes Late In the Day, More

– The entire script for last night’s WWE RAW was re-written at 3pm EST on Monday.

Regarding the creative for last night’s RAW, it was noted backstage that a lot of the lines that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H did were something that sounded like it was straight out of Vince McMahon’s mouth. There was a feeling that Vince took the script at 3pm, tore it up and re-write it. The belief was that the promos from The Authority were Vince’s vision, and they were executing it, and not the voice of Triple H and Stephanie.

There was a lot of people backstage unhappy with the show. The feeling was Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler were left in a bad spot with the “firing” angle at the end of the show, especially Ziggler.

Source: PWInsider

  • negrodamus

    haha vince mcmahon, one of the biggest idiots in business

  • CC

    One thing I will say though is I dont understand how it leaves those three in a bad spot. Potentially it gives them an opportunity to come back bigger than ever, depending on how they handle it. If they come back together using Shield/Nexus style tactics but as faces, then this could be huge for them.
    If they just get meekly re-signed because Superman Cena wins a match, then yeah, all that does is once again make Cena look like he is better than everyone else.
    Now of course they could all come back as heels and attack Cena, but seeing as Rowan and Ryback have only just turned face, and their is a significant lack of top faces right now, that would be a huge mistake too.

  • Solid


    rewrite / rehash, I dont think Vince has had an original idea in years.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Re-wrote it*. I think it was dumb just bc it’s been so over done. It’s only cool when it happens to Jericho lol.