Negative Mainstream Review for WWE Studios’ Inside Out with Triple H

The Orlando Sentinel has reviewed WWE Studios’ Inside Out with Triple H, Michael Rappaport and others. Here are some quotes from their review:



“World Wrestling Entertainment’s brief flirtation with family friendly films has ended. But the residue of this effort sticks to “Inside Out,” a half-hearted return to the violent men of the ring doing violent things on the screen model that predated the PG years.

And they refuse to abandon their efforts to turn one of their stars into the next Rock or Hulk Hogan, a crossover phenomenon about to carry movies and TV shows, and not just other wrestlers and folding chairs.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque has the look, the demeanor and the skills to be a useful heavy in other people’s action films. He’s so muscle-bound, his arms can’t quite drop to his side. His face is more scary than handsome. Yet “Inside Out” is yet another attempt to make him a leading man.”

“And the single resonant line about prison comes too late to give the movie the tone they might have been going for. Asked, fearfully, about jail time, A.J. (Triple H’s character) intones, “You just sit there — and it passes.”

That’s a pretty fair description of “Inside Out,” too. (Bruce) Dern could have played this mobster whose cover job is running an animal hospital a seriously strange or seriously silly spin. But he has nothing to play. Parker Posey does her best to hide that this is just a WWE paycheck part.

And Levesque does nothing to suggest that if the WWE weren’t backing him that he’d ever be anything on screen other than the guy who beats the heck out Jason Statham or whoever in someone else’s action picture.”

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