Negative Reports on Amy Hennig, Former WWE Star Retires, UFC vs. WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Former WWE star Armando Estrada wrestled his retirement match against Ken Kennedy at a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling show last weekend. Estrada has had success with his Baby’s Steak & Lemonade restaurant in Glendale, AZ and is looking to franchise the brand.

– WWE and UFC will go head-to-head on Monday, January 11th as RAW will air up against Fight Night.

– Reports from Harley Race’s recent training camp regarding the daughter of Curt Hennig, Amy, were not positive, except for her athletic ability which was praised. Some veterans have stopped giving her advice with the feeling that she doesn’t listen. It was said that she could hang in the ring with any guy at the camp but her attitude is causing problems. Her brother Joe got the exact opposite at the camp. It’s said that Amy wants to make it on her father’s name and Joe does not.

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