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Neville cites poor booking as the reason behind his departure from the WWE

Neville WWE


Former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville, now known as PAC, conducted a Q&A session on his Instagram account where he revealed several things including the reason behind his departure from the WWE, the prospect of facing Brock Lesnar and his thoughts on Vince McMahon.

Neville claimed that he does not hate the WWE and added that being in the WWE was a good experience for him, but since the creative team were out of ideas for him, he decided to leave. He answered:

“No, they gave me the opportunity to shine and shine I did. The lads over there are great but they ran out of ideas for me, so I left.”

The former NXT Champion also went on to talk Enzo Amore and the time the WWE decided to hand over the title to Amore. Neville said:

“It wasn’t really Enzo why I left, I don’t hate the lad. He was just annoying backstage and putting the title on him was bad, especially beating me. I was worth more than being jobbed out to jobbers, so that’s why I left.”

On asked whether would he be able to beat Brock Lesnar, Neville had a scathing reply. He said:

“Yes, if he can get his lazy arse up.

Neville revealed his bout against Sami Zayn as his favourite from his days in NXT and talked how Vince McMahon was like. He revealed:

“Powerful man won’t say much though he’d sue me 4 times in a row.”


  • CC

    Yeah I never got that either. If he was annoyed with being on 205 live, fair enough, but to walk out because someone else beat him for the title does not sound right to me.
    Unless you are someone of the ilk of Hogan with his creative control, you have to accept sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and it will not always be to the person you want to.
    We all see how WWE changes their plans at the drop of a hat, so knows what would have come out of that angle and where he would have ended up.

    I am not for a second suggesting WWE does not mess up how they handle wrestlers, but seeing as how he was pushed in 205 Live up to that point, I do not see how dropping the title to Enzo was such a bad thing.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    What got me, is that; he gave up so quickly. I understand not wanting to lose the title to Enzo, but common. He left, almost the same instant that he lost the title to Enzo. He didnt even give the WWE, that chance to come up with something for him

  • CC

    But that still does not make him a jobber. He was still a biggish name at the time, and the reasoning behind him being moved to 205 was because of that popularity.
    You cannot call someone a jobber based on talent and popularity anyway, it is down to whether they are fed to people to get them over.

    Kurt Hawkins is a jobber. Zack Ryder for most of his career has been a jobber. Epico and Primo are jobbers.
    Enzo for all his faults was never a jobber.

  • Raidertre

    What you just said still doesn’t translate into Enzo being used as a jobber. Remember, the reason they moved him to 205 live and put that title on Enzo in the first place was because they thought he’d help that show draw better. That doesn’t scream jobber at all.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Thing is all those names you mentioned had star power and were protected or had some political influence why they were at the top (look at hogan and his backstage BS)

    Enzo has non of that so its not like he has any influence or pull

  • CC

    Being a horrible wrestler is not what the term “Jobber” means though is it.
    If that was the case, Goldberg, Great Khali, Nia Jax, Ultimate Warrior and god knows how many horrible wrestlers who made it to the top of their division would be classified as jobbers.
    Jobber is someone who loses matches. While it could be said that Pac had to job to Enzo, Enzo was not a jobber. An awful wrestler, yes. A horrible person, yes. But certainly not a jobber.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    But Enzo is a jobber though… I’m sorry but it’s true. He couldn’t wrestle worth a damn and having him hold the Cruiserweight belt was almost as bad as the time it was being bounced around the likes of Chavo Guerrero Senior, Jaqueline and Hornswaggle

  • CC

    Not really anything that was not already said, although as much as I hate Enzo and a huge fan of Pac, I think the line “being jobbed out to jobbers” is a bit harsh and somewhat arrogant.
    I can see why he thought it was bad, and why most fans thought it was bad, but I can also see what WWE’s logic was by moving him over to 205 live and putting the belt on him.

    I do not really think he was jobbed out either. Ask a guy like Ryder or Hawkins if they think he was jobbed out.