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Neville has reportedly gone ‘off grid’

Neville WWE

When WWE finally released Neville after a long contract dispute, a lot of people thought that he might return to indie circuit sooner rather than later, though the latest update on his situation makes it seem otherwise.

According to the latest update from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the former Cruiserweight Champion has not been responding to promoters and has essentially gone ‘off the grid’.

This update leaves us in an interesting place since it makes it hard to predict the next move of the former WWE Star and we don’t know if he is planning to return to the ring anytime soon, if at all.

Neville walked out of an episode of Raw in October last year after being unhappy with his booking for a long time. The immediate cause for his action was the fact that he was told to lose to Enzo Amore in a match during the night.

Though officials froze his contract instead of granting him a release in order to not set an example for the other employees and he was only released by the company a few weeks ago.

  • BROKENMatt_Hardy

    When you are that big of a name, you don’t need to jump head first into the first indy promotion willing to pay you anything. You hold out, build up a bit of intrigue as to your whereabouts. Then you make your huge debut that no one expects.

    The thing about Neville is that he isn’t just any mid-carder. He wasn’t some interchangeable wrestler who if you missed their run, you didn’t miss much. Neville is easily the one of the most gifted and athletic wrestlers around. And him showing up in ROH or even NJPW wether it be tomorrow or 6 months from now will be huge regardless.

    He has only been free from WWE for a few weeks now. Let him breathe

  • CC

    I have said from the off I cannot understand why he would not jump straight back into wrestling if he was indeed completely free of WWE with no no-compete clause.

    Considering his reasoning behind walking out of WWE, you would think he would want to be out there proving his point. Plus the longer he waits, the less desirable his name will be. We have seen it many times before, even mid carders can make big indy money after they first leave WWE and need to strike while the iron is hot, as their asking price will drop quite quickly.