Neville returns to wrestling after year-long hiatus

After spending a good amount of time away from ring and recently going ‘off-grid,’ former Cruiserweight Champion Neville has finally made his return to the wrestling world.



Neville made his surprise return during a Dragon Gate event last night. He returned to ring using his previous ring name Pac and fought alongside Eita to disrupt Shingo Takagi’s final match for the group called Real Extreme Diffusion:

Though this wasn’t the official in-ring return of the former WWE Star as he didn’t compete in a match and his official in-ring return has been announced as part of a big12-man tag match scheduled for a Dragon Gate event from Korakuen Hall on 6 November:

Neville walked out of Raw back in October last year after being unhappy with his position in WWE for a while and his contract was frozen at the moment.

No word yet on if this is a permanent arrangement and if Neville will stay with Dragon Gate in the upcoming times or if he will end up in any other promotion, but we’ll keep you posted.

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