New Bloodline Member Spotted With Jimmy Uso?

Rikishi’s brother, a Bloodline elder, was recently spotted with Jimmy Uso in a new photo. Will he join The Bloodline? We’ll have to wait and see.



It was previously reported that it was Rikishi in the photo. Rikishi, the revered WWE Hall of Famer renowned for his iconic contributions to the world of professional wrestling, has carved a distinct legacy as both a performer and the patriarch of an illustrious wrestling dynasty. Father to the esteemed Usos and Solo Sikoa, Rikishi’s indelible impact has left an enduring mark on the sport. Although his presence within the ongoing Bloodline narrative has yet to grace WWE television screens, a recent transformation in his appearance has sparked conversations among fans.

Enthusiasts who fondly recollect the Attitude Era can vividly summon memories of Rikishi’s long, flowing blonde locks that characterized his signature look. This iconic appearance had become synonymous with his identity in the wrestling realm, serving as a visual marker of his persona. However, as time marches forward, change becomes inevitable, and Rikishi has now unveiled a dramatic alteration to his visage, taking the audacious step of shaving his head bald. This departure from his traditional image signals a departure from convention, prompting fans to recalibrate their perception of this iconic figure.

An occasion of profound significance transpired within the extended Fatu family, bringing together generations and cementing familial bonds. The gathering witnessed the presence of not only Rikishi but also his progeny, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa, alongside their respective partners and offspring. A moment from this familial communion was immortalized through the lens of modern social media, with Jimmy Uso’s wife, Trinity, sharing a snapshot on her Instagram story. In this candid photograph, Rikishi, donning his freshly shaved head, posed alongside Trinity and Jimmy Uso, effectively revealing his bold transformation to the world.

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