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New Day make history at WWE Battleground, Charlotte on her loss, The Usos warn New Day (videos)

The Usos warn New Day

Last night at WWE Battleground, New Day defeated The Usos to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. After the match, The Usos congratulated New Day on their victory but warned them if they ever cross paths again, the New Day will get put to sleep.

Charlotte says she will come back stronger after loss

Natalya won the Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match last night at WWE Battleground to become the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Natalya won the match after slamming Charlotte’s head into the turnbuckle. After the match, Charlotte was interviewed backstage and was visibly upset about coming up short. Charlotte revealed that she hit her head very hard on the turnbuckle and that was ultimately what cost her the match. Charlotte congratulated Natalya on the victory but vowed to come back from this loss stronger and capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

New Day make history

As noted earlier, New Day defeated The Usos to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. New Day are now the first team to hold both the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team titles.

  • CC

    The current SD championship is a brand new title and has no history prior to Rhyno and Slater winning it. The current Raw championship was actually the original SD one created during the original brand extension combined with the original WWE tag championship, but as far as history goes, they only count it back to 2002, which would be just the history of the old SD title.

    It is all pretty screwed up, but even taking this into consideration, The Uso’s held the title that is currently on Raw, and the current SD title, so the New Day are certainly not the first to do it.

  • David Wells

    Actually wouldn’t The Dudley Boys hold that distinction Raw (2004) & SD (2004)

  • CC

    Even on the WWE website the Raw tag title dates back to when it was created in 2002, so that means the Usos are the first to hold both titles, not New Day. Either the history of the title before it was renamed stands or it doesnt. You cant have it both ways.