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New member added to AEW roster


  • CC

    This is why I wonder how it will work with them and their contracts and whether they will continue to use unsigned talent.
    If one of the selling points you use with your promotion is that your talent get coverage and you do not cover people who get injured during your matches because they are not under contract, then that will start to look almost as bad as the whole independant contractor status in WWE.

  • Sparti Love

    Health coverage will likely be for FT wrestlers, not PT or sporadic wrestlers. Their health premiums would sky rocket.. Wrestler gets hurt at another company show and AEW is stuck paying the bill. If their serious about health coverage than they’ll need a short leash like WWE has

  • CC

    Must admit to not being overly familiar with him due to not watching Lucha Underground, but just seen that he was in NXT for a while as Judas. Not really that much of a fan of the name Luchasaurus but he seemed ok from what I saw of him in the battle royal.

    It does start to make me wonder what route AEW are going to go with talent. I know they have said that until the TV deal starts that talent are able to wrestle elsewhere, but I wonder if they will still use lots of guys with no contracts like they did at Double or nothing.

    There was a lot of talk about AEW talent getting health care and other benefits, but I wonder where the independant guys just making sporadic appearances will stand.