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New titles coming to the WWE in 2019

Mr. McMahon introduces the Women's Tag Titles dressed as Santa Claus

  • oppa

    They are going to throw a bone to Sasha and Bayley for them not main eventing Mania.

  • CC

    I understand why they have so many belts. They have two shows with separate rosters, and have god knows how many talent, so they need more belts.
    But I agree that there should not be so many.
    Not that I want people to lose their jobs, but the rosters need some serious trimming yet WWE just keeps adding more people (hell we have six more additions soon as well).

    For my money, I would prefer if it was more like the older days of the brand split when the top titles were cross brand. One main mens title, one womens title and one tag title.
    Then both brands could have a secondary title like they have now (IC on one, US on the other).
    Then when they add the womens tag title that should be cross brand too.
    With the PPVs no longer being brand specific, it makes it an ideal time for the shows to share titles.

  • The Random Reader


  • Rinn13

    WHICH women’s roster is getting tag titles? Raw or SD? Are they BOTH going to get versions of the women’s tag titles? Because, I mean…..they already have far too many belts as it is, IMO.