New TV Show Featuring Lance Storm, Big Show in Puerto Rico, More

– WWE star Primo will be using his real name, Eddie Colon, at the upcoming WWC Aniversario shows in Puerto Rico. Advertised for the July 9th show is Ray Gonzalez & Primo vs. Shelton Benjamin & Orlando Colon, Tommy Dreamer vs. Black Pain, ODB vs. Daizee Haze and Tony Atlas vs. Hiram Tua. The July 10th show has Primo vs. Shelton Benjamin, Gonzalez vs. Orlando Colon, Dreamer vs. Black Pain, ODB vs. Haze, Steve Corino & Idol Stevens vs. Los Aereos. The big show of the weekend on July 11th has Gonzalez vs. Scott Steiner with Judas Mesias as referee, Mickie James vs. ODB, Dreamer vs. Benjamin, Carlitos (not Carlito) vs. Orlando Colon for Carlitos’ Puerto Rican Title, BJ & Chicano vs. Idol Stevens & Abbad, Tua vs. Corino and Atlas vs. Pain. WWE Superstar Carlito has also been announced for the July 11th show.



– Several wrestling personalities who are trying to get shows on Oprah’s new TV channel include Diamond Dallas Page, Dr. Melissa Grill Peterson (former Nitro Girl Spice), Marti Funk (wife of Dory Funk Jr.) and Bonnie Hastings Blood, the ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat.

– Lance Storm is working with a production company in Canada to film a reality type docudrama on his Storm Wrestling Academy. The show, tentatively titled World of Hurt, will focus on aspiring wrestlers and former students of Lance’s school. The show will feature six men and four women students from Canada, the UK, France, Kosovo and Australia. It’s scheduled to air in early 2011 on a national Canadian TV network.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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