New WWE Superstar, Matt On Jeff Hardy’s WWE Exit, Gail Kim

— According to’s Mike Roe, Bryan Danielson briefly addressed his WWE deal in a promo at last night’s PWG event. Danielson said that while he would love to spend the duration of his career on the independent scene, he will have medical bills in the future and opted to make the decision that provides the best financial security.



— In a WWE Universe blog on Jeff Hardy’s WWE exit, Matt Hardy thanks his departing brother for “breaking his back for the sake of our business day in and day out.” He adds that even Internet fans who dislike Jeff Hardy should appreciate how he got CM Punk over this summer, while he asks Jeff Hardy fans to thank the “Charismatic Enigma” for his unselfish entertainment.

Matt partially attributes Jeff Hardy’s departure to nagging neck and back injuries (“He needs time away to heal physically and mentally”), before putting over the likelihood of Jeff making a return down the road.

— Matt Hardy is’s Superstar of the Day; Gail Kim is the Daily Diva.

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