New York Government In Trouble After Trump Conviction

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey made a significant announcement on Friday, revealing his state’s intent to sue New York over what he labeled as a politically motivated “hush money” case pursued by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg against former President Donald Trump.



In a post on X, Bailey stated firmly, “I will be filing suit against the State of New York for their direct attack on our democratic process through unconstitutional lawfare against President Trump. It’s time to restore the rule of law.” He emphasized the need to protect the integrity of elections in Missouri, characterizing the case as an attempt to disrupt fair electoral processes.

Bailey reiterated his concerns to Fox News, accusing New York’s prosecution of Trump, which resulted in 34 counts of falsifying business records, as an effort by “radical progressives” to influence the 2024 election unfairly. “We have to stand up and fight back,” Bailey asserted, reflecting his determination to challenge what he sees as an unjust legal maneuver.

Highlighting potential collaboration between New York prosecutors and the U.S. Department of Justice in targeting Trump, Bailey suggested that such coordination undermines the principles of fair justice. Given the interstate nature of the lawsuit, Bailey explained that it will be escalated directly to the Supreme Court for adjudication.

In a previous statement to the House Judiciary Committee, Bailey criticized the prosecution of Trump as politically motivated and legally flawed. He condemned what he described as an assault on Trump driven by partisan animosity, which he believes has compromised the rule of law.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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