News and Notes on Jeff Hardy’s Popularity, The Undertaker, PPV Issues and More

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– James sent the following: Just to add to what you posted last night about problems with the PPV broadcast, I have Dish Network and on the HD feed the audio was out of sync with the picture. There’s about a one second delay from when someone said something and I when actually heard it.

– Stewart sent the following: I was watching an advert here in the UK, advertising the November the 10th TV taping for Smackdown and ECW and among those advertised were The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy.

– Terry sent the following: I just bought tickets to the RAW House show at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota for Sept. 5th and they are advertising John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and Triple H & Mark Henry vs. Legacy.

– Matt sent the following: As of early this morning, Jeff Hardy was the #1 topic on Twitter (for few hours after winning the title). Matt and Jeff both tweeted (I guess that is the word), with Jeff being very happy and thanking fans Beth, Jeff’s girlfriend, said he didn’t have the title belt in the hotel because they had to change the nameplate for Smackdown. She promises a photo to be posted today of Jeff and the title.

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