News on Austin Missing RAW 1000, RAW Ticket Sells for Big Bucks, Kelly

– notes that a ticket was purchased for Monday’s RAW 1000 event for $1,088. This was the most money ever paid for a ticket to a WWE RAW event. The average ticket price for a seat at last week’s RAW in Las Vegas was $208, which was the most expensive of 2012.



– Kelly Kelly was apparently backstage at RAW last night but not used.

– The biggest surprise backstage at RAW 1000 last night was Steve Austin not appearing on TV. Austin was rumored to be in St. Louis yesterday but wasn’t. There have been no tweets from Austin either. reports that Austin is in California working on the movie Grown Ups 2 and he wasn’t a big enough star to where he could just take a day away from filming to appear on RAW.


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