News from Batista’s MMA Debut – Photo, Video and More

– Former WWE Champion Batista was successful in his MMA debut from Providence, Rhode Island last night. Batista defeated heavyweight fighter Vince Lucero in the first round due to referee stoppage after Batista mounted him with strikes. Batista commented via Twitter:



“#TKO first round in my #mma debut thanks for all the support. Dream come true! #brassbody #ironfists #sorryhaters!”

Batista has received numerous congratulations from people in the wrestling business including Jim Ross:

“Congrats to @DaveBautista on his decisive victory in his #MMA debut tonight. Heard he took his opponent quickly to woodshed. #WWE”

Former WWE Superstar MVP accompanied Batista to the cage for the fight last night. MVP commented and posted the following post-fight photo:

“For those asking: Dave took some hard shots early & got rocked. He shot a successful double leg & worked into a ground & pound for a TKO.”

batista post fight

Batista spoke after the fight and said he wanted to fight again because he can do better than the performance he put on. At the post-fight press conference, he was joined by MVP, his mother and girlfriend. You can watch below:

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