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More news on Daniel Bryan possibly stepping down as SD Live GM

Daniel Bryan made a miraculous return to the ring two weeks ago, sparking an interesting question.

Will he step down as Smackdown Live GM?

Well, according to Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider, it seems that officials backstage are currently working on a list of names to replace the former WWE Champion. Via PWInsider Elite, Johnson said:

Speaking of the GM, I meant to mention this earlier.. A final decision has not been made, but the creative team was told to put together a list of potential replacements for Daniel Bryan.

Among the rumored names for the spot is Hulk Hogan, who is still working on a return to the company after he was fired from the WWE after a sex tape was released of Hogan where he used some racially insensitive language.

Who would you like to see replace Daniel Bryan as Smackdown GM?

  • octavio sandoval

    I agree with GS

  • GS

    Edge (& if possible Edge & Christian) !!
    Would be entertaining for sure..

  • GS

    Edge (& if possible Edge & Christian)…

  • I feel like Sting would be a good choice.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If they do replace him as GM I believe William Regal would get the job. It makes the most sense.

  • oppa

    Since he won’t wrestle full time, just keep him in that spot and build to 3 or 4 big matches a year.