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News for Monday’s Big RAW Supershow, Update on Air Boom vs. Primo & Epico

– WWE did a false title change finish at this weekend’s SmackDown live event in Buffalo, New York. Primo and Epico were announced as the new Tag Team Champions after Kofi Kingston was pinned with his foot on the ropes. Another referee came out and re-started the match which saw Air Boom retain the titles.

WWE officials have been setting Epico and Primo up for a Tag Team Title run and they are expected to take the belts soon. The Air Boom vs. Epico and Primo match was moved to this week’s SmackDown tour to make up for Randy Orton’s absence.

– Despite being pulled from this week’s SmackDown live event listings, Randy Orton is still being advertised for Monday’s RAW Supershow by WWE and the FedEx Forum in Memphis.

The FedEx Forum is also advertising John Cena vs. Kane in a RAW Challenge Match and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole in a Memphis Street Fight for Monday’s show. This week’s RAW is shaping up to be a big one with Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Champion CM Punk, the return of Brodus Clay and the 1/2/2012 angle already confirmed.

  • Phil Collins

    I always thought Carlito got the short end of the stick toward the end of his WWE run. I don’t know why especially after how hyped he was with the Razor Ramon-like vignettes. They definitely should bring him back and have him team with Primo and Epico defending the tag belts under Freebird rule or just have him compete in singles matches and eventually put the IC or US title on him with the tag belts on Primo and Epico in an angle reminiscent of the late 90s Hart Foundation.

  • Best in the world

    If jericho does return it will be during the title match

  • Tyler(:

    Raso, what? but I agree with Devil_Rising, maybe they could even get Carlos Colon or Stacy Colon to be their manager.

  • Tazz

    Devil Rising is right, Carlito should come back, they really screwed up something special they had with him. He should have won the championship at elimination chamber years ago. It would be percfect for him to lead a Colon faction, and take him back to the top having him take out main eventers with his group demanding to be in title matches.

  • 1/2/2012 well here comes the pain

  • d

    No no devil_rising that would be cool

  • Stashathan

    Cant wait for RAW! Im really hoping for something big
    But lately WWE has something big in thier hands and
    Then they screw it up or let us down

  • Devil_Rising

    It would be nice to see the (new) Colons get a Tag Title run, so long as it didn’t last for a week or something. Then again, it would be even nicer for WWE to bring Carlito back, and have him lead a new Colon stable with the other two, seeing as they are his brother and cousin.

    That would be bad ass.

  • Second City Saint

    Brodus clay will have to wait till next week just watch

  • CC

    Randy will probably come out banged up, or in a wheelchair. Tell everyone how injured he is, and that when he comes back he will be better than ever and destroy Wade.
    Wade will probably attack him again or Brodus Clay will come and sit on him.

  • zach d

    Wwe also did a false title change at the pittsburgh raw live event when ziggler pinned zack ryder with his foot on the rope and the match restarted and ryder won.

  • Ron Damon

    Brodus Clay? Finally debuts? Haven’t heard that one before.