News on a Possible WWE Superstar’s Release, WWE Creative Heat

Source: PW Torch



– According to one source, head SmackDown writer Michael Hayes has a reputation for changing house show lineups for the sake of changing them. Similarly, fellow writer Brian Gewirtz doesn’t enjoy putting together the lineups for Raw brand house shows, so he’s handed off the duty to Ed Koskey, although he signs off on them. All of the tweaks to house show lineups reportedly upset Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. It is his responsibility to put together house show cards, but he has been forced to work in conjunction with the creative team.

– In case you have noticed, Mike Knox has not appeared on television since the May 29th, 2009 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which saw him to lose to The Great Khali and R-Truth in a tag match after Dolph Ziggler walked out on him. His status in WWE remains unclear, but some reports have circulated online saying he is in the doghouse and perhaps even in line to be let go.

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