News on how people backstage felt about Kairi Sane’s injury at TLC

We noted before how both Vince McMahon and Triple H were absent from the TLC PPV and Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard were in charge of the matches of their respective brands during the show.



In regards to Kairi Sane’s injury during the women’s tag team TLC match, it’s “pretty much universally agreed” backstage that the situation was handled poorly, according to Wrestling Observer.

The belief is that a doctor should have been sent out to check on the Japanese star once it became clear that she was injured and he should have had the power to stop the match or take Sane backstage, converting the bout into a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Though the report mentions that a problem with such a scenario was that they were not doing a title change and Asuka defeating both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in a handicap match would have not been a believable scenario

Kairi Sane seemed to have suffered a concussion during the match. An official diagnosis to her situation should be out soon and we will keep you posted about it.

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