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News on how people backstage felt about Kairi Sane’s injury at TLC

Womens TLC

  • BiggEZ

    Where are the TLC results??

  • jedi

    Get this person a seat on creative please!

  • Rinn13

    “Asuka defeating both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in a handicap
    match would have not been a believable scenario”. In what world is this
    true. She is a 1000 times better wrestler than both of them combined.
    It’s absolutely believable that she could whup both of their a$$es with
    one hand tied behind her back. lol

  • StocktonJoe

    So WWE “officials” left an obviously injured Kairi Sane in the match because pulling her would not have made a “believable scenario.” As much as people have been (I believe rightly) dumping on Charlotte, the nimrod who make the decision to not pull her from the match immediately should be fired immediately. Any organization that allows what we saw just doesn’t give a [email protected]#% about it’s employees or contractors or whatever subterfuge (means “lie”) WWE is using these days. OK people, defend what we saw. Tell me why WWE made the right call here.

  • CC

    Why is Asuka beating both Becky and Charlotte not believable?
    Apart from the fact that Asuka is a badass, in a match like a TLC match, it would not be that hard for her to incapacitate one or both competitors and be able to grab the titles.

    Or, just play up on the fact Becky and Charlotte do not like each other, and have them cost themselves the match.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Asuka beating Becky and charlotte is not believable? Becky and
    charlotte hate one another. You could easily have had charlotte use a
    chair on Becky and walk out on the match. This wouldn’t have turned charlotte heel, because no one likes her anyway and those that do wouldn’t have cared because they’re sheeple who cheer whoever vince
    tells them to cheer.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Or send Bayley and Sasha out to beat up Charlotte and Becky so they could lose.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    So they had no problem with Charlotte almost beating both Kana and Kairi on Raw, but coulding have some miscommunication that allowed Kana to win a ladder match? They seemed to have forgotten that she was a vet with an accomplished career before NXT, not some rookie they picked up off the streets that had a fluke career.

  • jedi

    Asuka beating them both is not only believable but exactly what should have happened….