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News on how WWE is reacting to AEW


While WWE higher-ups are denying that AEW is competition for them, the company has been making moves which suggest that they have noticed the rise of the upstart promotion.

We noted before how the company has started signing stars to longer contracts to keep them away from the hands of All Elite Wrestling and a latest report reveals some more details on how the Officials are reacting to AEW.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE bringing back pyro for SummerSlam was a result of AEW being competition and the company has also opened its doors for many talents because of the same:

“WWE has opened up talks about bringing a number of people in that they’ve never had any interest in, with the obvious reason that there is a belief they could be of value to the opposition.”

Though while WWE might be gearing up to sign more talents to keep them out of the reach of AEW, it looks like the company has already built the roster they need.

We have already seen a number of relatively unknown stars getting into limelight through AEW shows and just recently Cody Rhodes had claimed that they have only revealed about 40% of their roster so far.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Missing the context of what I said, deliberately, and acting like it somehow gave you the win is hilarious. Thank you. Good day to you, too.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    “airing a show on the same day isn’t going to take money away”

    that was all i needed to hear. good day

  • Keith Learmonth

    First of all, airing a show on the same day isn’t going to take money from the live gate, which was the only part they were donating, so that makes no sense.

    And second, WWE donates more to charity in a month than AEW did for that show… but sure, it’s all “pretend”.

    Also, third, if their show can be hurt by another indy show, there’s no way they will ever be competition to WWE.

    Do you ever see WWE talents going online whining about the 300 different indy shows that show up wherever WrestleMania is, and running shows the same weekend?

  • Yespage

    The WWE needs the AEW. Competition is good for the consumer, and if they are forced to improve story lines (and maybe even working conditions), push their good talent, this works in everyone’s interest.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    That’s not fear, that is calling bullshit. WWE was literally attempting to take money away from victims of gun violence. Does WWE actually have any morals, or do they just pretend to with their “philanthropy”

  • Keith Learmonth

    And AEW also fears Vince.

    Look at how Kenny reacted when WWE counter-programmed FFTF with an indy show featuring a couple of WWE stars.

  • oppa

    Let’s be real. AEW will have a smaller budget, which means they can’t pay people a ton of money. In that sense, they won’t change wrestling. But in the since that they can offer better scheduling, less expenses and more time to recover, they will force WWE to treat their performers better. Hence, why WWE fears AEW and wants to kill it off as soon as possible.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Vince fears AEW

  • CC

    Well while I would not say the return of pyro does not have anything to do with AEW, I do think it is in a less direct way. WWE has been suffering declining ratings etc for a while now, and obviously the rise of AEW has now added to this rather than being the cause.
    This is why WWE has to make changes, and why they are bringing things back like pyro or people like Heyman etc. WWE needs to reverse their decline and know AEW will potentially cause this decline to go even further.

    Plus, with the FOX deal, they need to do stuff like this as well.

    I just think people need to stop saying that its all about AEW.