News on how WWE is reacting to AEW

While WWE higher-ups are denying that AEW is competition for them, the company has been making moves which suggest that they have noticed the rise of the upstart promotion.



We noted before how the company has started signing stars to longer contracts to keep them away from the hands of All Elite Wrestling and a latest report reveals some more details on how the Officials are reacting to AEW.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE bringing back pyro for SummerSlam was a result of AEW being competition and the company has also opened its doors for many talents because of the same:

“WWE has opened up talks about bringing a number of people in that they’ve never had any interest in, with the obvious reason that there is a belief they could be of value to the opposition.”

Though while WWE might be gearing up to sign more talents to keep them out of the reach of AEW, it looks like the company has already built the roster they need.

We have already seen a number of relatively unknown stars getting into limelight through AEW shows and just recently Cody Rhodes had claimed that they have only revealed about 40% of their roster so far.

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