News on the status of Brand Split after SmackDown’s move to Fox

There have been a lot of talk on how the WWE programming will change once SmackDown Live moves to Fox and one thing people have been discussing is the state of the brand split.



It wasn’t long ago when WWE introduced the wild card rule which resulted in over a dozen stars from both the brands appearing on both the company’s premier shows but it appears that this will change once the shows are not on the same network.

Dave Meltzer recently talked about the brand extension in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and providing an update, he said that a hard split will be implemented once SmackDown moves to his new home:

“I was told hard split after the first week [of October] because the first SmackDown show everyone will be on and then after that its supposed to be a hard split. Look, everything changes based on Vince [McMahon]’s whims.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that WWE will do away with the Wild Card Rule completely but since reports suggest that both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff also want a distinct roster for their brands, it’s likely that the rules will be applied more strictly and only a few stars will be able to appear on both the WWE shows.

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