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News on when The Undertaker’s Extreme Rules return was decided

The Undertaker is set to embark on yet another in-ring return after his horrid time against Goldberg in Saudi Arabia. On the last edition of RAW, it was revealed that The Phenom would team up with Roman Reigns to face the duo of Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

Now as per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Undertaker’s involvement in the Extreme Rules pay-per-view was planned before Super Show Down even took place. Booker T had initially said that The Phenom was returning just to leave the impression of Super Show Down away. While The Sports Illustrated claimed that the former World Heavyweight Champion apparently submitted a list of opponents he desired to face with Drew McIntyre being one of them.

WWE Extreme Rules is scheduled to take place at the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia on July 14.

  • Grant Thomson

    I call B.S. on this match being planned that long ago. As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your last match”. Taker nor WWE wants the memory of the awful Super Showdown match to linger in the minds of the fans, because it really was THAT bad. Hence, he’s being brought back very soon to have a hopefully decent match. In my opinion, if you want Taker to look like the Phenom again, have some nobody like Mojo or Tyler Breeze call him out, so Taker can absolutely destroy him and look strong.