Newsom Drops Bombshell About Replacing Biden

During a press conference to announce new housing grants, a reporter asked Governor Gavin Newsom about the recent special counsel report on President Joe Biden’s handling of sensitive documents, which contained critical remarks about Biden’s memory. The reporter also inquired whether the 81-year-old President Biden had a better chance of beating Donald Trump in the 2024 election compared to Newsom. The question prompted laughter from the governor and his administration.



Governor Newsom, often mentioned as a potential successor to Biden, responded by expressing effusive praise for President Biden. He dismissed concerns about Biden’s age and memory, emphasizing his appreciation for Biden’s performance, results, and governing abilities. Newsom stated that he cared about people who delivered and highlighted what he perceived as significant accomplishments during Biden’s three years in office.

Newsom praised Biden’s achievements, including partnerships that benefited California, investments in infrastructure, the CHIPS and Science Act, Safer Communities Act, new investments in mental health and gun safety, and efforts to address student loans. He also commended Biden’s work in strengthening alliances, noting the growth of NATO and the weakening of Russia. Newsom expressed pride in being a Democrat and conveyed his enthusiasm to campaign for Biden’s reelection.

In summary, the response from Governor Newsom focused on praising President Biden’s accomplishments and expressing support for his candidacy, deflecting the suggestion that Biden’s age might be a disadvantage in a potential matchup against Donald Trump.

REPORTER: The special counsel report that came out last week against it for President Biden. It had, quote, he is a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory. What do you think of this?

And then also for, the 2024 election. Does 20– does 81 year old President Biden have a better chance of beating Donald Trump than you? (laughter) And do you disagree with 86% of Americans who think he’s too old to run?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: Well, I appreciate, the question in the framing, but, I also appreciate my president and, and his performance.

I’m a little old fashioned. I care about results. I care about governing. I care about people that deliver. And I care about people’s record and, and what President Biden has accomplished in just three years is the most significant list of accomplishments in my lifetime.

And I don’t say that lightly. I say that knowingly, because we’re quite literally here as a beneficiary of those accomplishments. The Homekey motto was inspired by the partnerships that we formed with this administration. The remarkable investments in the infrastructure bill, the remarkable Investments, CHIPS and Science Act, the remarkable and unprecedented investments across a spectrum including Safer Communities Act and new investments in mental health and gun safety.

The work he’s done to eliminate that, for so many, that are burdened with student loans, I can go on and on. The work he’s done in terms of his alliance management. NATO is stronger and it’s larger than it’s been. Russia’s weaker than they’ve ever been.

The work he did as it relates to strengthening our alliances, including perhaps, some of the most and most consequential as it relates to, the partnerships now and the new strategic alliances with Japan and South Korea in relationship to what’s going on around the globe.

So I’m very proud of this president, and I’m very enthusiastic to be out there on the campaign trail for him. When asked, the answer’s yes. And I say that enthusiastically, regardless of time of life. And, I am very, very proud to be a Democrat and proud to support his reelection.

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