Nia Jax Appears To Botch Dana Brooke Move On Raw

WWE Raw took place on Monday night and featured the return of Goldberg and Drew Mcintyre to open the show, seeing them quickly take out The Miz and John Morrison after they spoofed them with Gillberg last week. Edge also returned, announcing his intentions to enter the Royal Rumble match, and Randy Orton RKO’d Alexa Bliss to end her women’s title match against Asuka.



What caught fans’ attention though was Nia Jax appearing to accidentally hurt Dana Brooke, slamming her hard to the mat, with fans fearing a concussion. Brooke appeared to be fine backstage though, so it may be a storyline, or a botch that fortunately didn’t result in a serious injury.

Alex Monroe tweeted, “If Dana Brooke doesn’t have a concussion after that unprotected Nia Jax chokeslam, I’ll be shocked…

Idk why WWE insists on continuing to push Nia when she’s proven time and again she’s reckless AF.”

Missy said, “i love how they sent people like keith lee to work on their moves and move sets down in developmental but they completely just let nia jax do shit like this…”

JaimsVanDerBeek said, “Nia Jax really makes her offense look legit, mostly because it is.”

Jessi Davin said she didn’t want to see Nia ripped by fans, “I was just wishing Dana Brooke some well wishes and don’t condone people harassing Nia Jax. You’re allowed to be critical of her, but I’d appreciate if you do that on your own timelines.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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