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Nia Jax has a problem with Jonathan Coachman’s commentary

Nia Jax

Jonathan Coachman is seldom in the good books of anyone who works with him. The Coach was regularly called out by Superstars even during his initial run with the WWE. However, it seems like the trend is once again coming back to life.

Nia Jax, the former RAW Women’s Champion, sent out some harsh words towards the Coach and his commentary. Jax said that Coach says a lot of irrelevant things just to hear himself talk. Many fans have also been very critical of The Coach’s commentary work.


  • Wicka Steve

    I would rather watch Coach wrestle than have Jax on my TV.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Ever notice how Coach likes to make “I” statements? “I think this” or “I went here”. Dude, you ain’t out there to get yourself over. I laughed when Cory called him out on his use of pronouns. Coach always will say he or she or them and you have no idea who he’s talking about because there’s more than one person out there.

  • Charlie Bronson

    Still better than Saxton though

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I feel like Coach is just fighting for airtime. You can feel his struggle when he talks, since the other two guys do the majority of the commentary, and Cole cuts everyone off anyway…

  • CC

    I would rather hear Coach talk than watch Jax wrestle.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I agree.
    Coach also says things at times which make it sound like he doesn’t understand the basic plot of the story being told. He’s really bad at his job, quite frankly.

    It sounds like when you’re talking to a friend who is texting someone, and they chime back in with a comment completely unrelated to what you’re trying to talk to them about.