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Nia Jax has significant heat backstage after incident with Becky Lynch

Nia Jax

Becky Lynch’s unfortunate injury put her on the shelf and therefore the dream match between her and Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series was nixed. The reason behind Lynch’s injury was actually a stiff and vicious elbow from RAW Superstar Nia Jax.

Now, Sean Ross of is reporting that Jax might very well be in hot waters after this incident. Ross says that people backstage see Jax as a careless worker and are seemingly not going to let this slide.

Ross added that the crew that works Tuesday nights on SmackDown LIVE are the ones who are more bummed about the unfortunate incident than anyone else.

  • oppa

    The happiest person in all of this is Brie Bella because everyone forgot she just kicked someone in the face and pulled them head first more than 5 feet.

  • CC

    As has been said by a channel on YouTube, in the year and a half or so that she has been on the main roster she has injured numerous other wrestlers, and this punch looked like it was almost intentional (maybe Becky was a little too rough for her liking).
    So far she has actually injured Becky, Alexa, Selina & Bayley, plus nearly injured Charlotte a couple of times and even Asuka nearly got concussed by a botched move.

    It has been said by many people when she was first brought up that she was not ready, and many people think she has not actually improved at all either.

  • Soulshroude

    The rumor mill has started, none of this has actually been confirmed. Hell, we don’t even know who these two people are.

  • Wicka Steve

    People should refuse to work with her. If all the women banned together, they could force her back to NXT or even out of the company. I know the men used to have leader that would do things like force guys out of the locker room, like they did to Miz. I hope women like Mickie James and Alicia Fox do that to Nia. Nia is a menace, reckless, and wouldn’t have a job if not for the Rock. Nia sucks on the mic and sucks in the ring. She has legit hurt at least three people in the last year and a half.