Nia Jax Match Leads To Gruesome Injury On Raw

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka suffered a gruesome and unfortunate injury during her tag team match this past week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Asuka, who was tagging with Charlotte Flair, faced current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. It was during this match where Asuka took a hard and stiff kick to the face from WWE’s resident ‘Submission Magician’, knocking one of her teeth out. This ‘gross’ Nia Jax tweet was recently revealed by a WWE Hall of Famer.



The injury took place during the closing moments of the match, which was incident free prior to the kick. Askua was kicked by Baszler after putting Nia Jax in a armbar. For her part, Baszler immediately checked on the fallen Raw Woman’s champion as soon as the match was over.

This week’s edition of Raw didn’t just see one injury as former ECW Champion and associate of The Miz, John Morrisson suffered a potential injury on WWE’s flagship show. Dave Meltzer made note of the incident during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Morrison got hurt on a dive and he landed right on his knee. It was Riddle [that he landed on], but then he smashed his knee on the floor. He finished the match and everything, but you could tell when he came back out with The Miz that he was limping pretty hard. He was trying not to show it, but he was moving pretty slow and gingerly. Hopefully, his thing isn’t too bad.”

Credit to Ringside News for both parts of this story.

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Michael Joseph
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