Nia Jax on entering Men’s Rumble, WWE moving forward with intergender wrestling?

After shocking the world and taking out R-Truth to become the 30th entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble, the Irresistible Force Nia Jax dominated as she took down Rey Mysterio, Andrade, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and then eliminated rising star Mustafa Ali with ease.



It took a 6-1-9 from Rey Mysterio, an RKO from Randy Orton and a baseball slide from Rey to finally eliminate Jax and cap a very strong showing. She took to Twitter to give her thoughts following the event:

On the actual appearance, it appears that WWE was testing the waters and intergender competition may become more prominent down the line. Dave Meltzer of had the following to say about the situation:

“I think the idea is they want to slowly bring in because this is the first time that a woman has taken punishment from a guy and if you’re going to do it the first them then you do it with a really big woman that’s bigger than most of the guys. So that way people are gonna go, ‘It’s not really… the woman’s really big.’ So when you ease it in that’s one of the things they like to do.”

What do you guys think of Jax’ surprise appearance last night? Would you be down for inter-gender wrestling in the future or is it something that is too taboo in this day and age to be acceptable?

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