Nia Jax Shows Toned Figure In Leather Photos

Nia Jax took to her Instagram and uploaded a few photos of herself in a leather outfit.



During the Thunderdome Era of WWE, Nia Jax and Lana had a feud that led to them battling it out in a tables match in February 2021. During the match, Jax was gearing up to deliver a leg drop on the apron when Lana managed to move out of the way. This caused Jax to land butt first on the ring apron, which made her grunt in pain. However, Jax then shouted out a memorable line, saying “My hole!” as she stood up.

During a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing, Jax revealed that she actually pre-planned the line in order to pop WWE executives Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Vince McMahon. She explained that they were discussing the match rehearsal and she said, “Oh my gosh, you want me to do a leg drop on the apron? My freaking butthole’s gonna…” She meant it more as a joke to make Levesque and McMahon laugh. However, Jax never expected her moment to go viral.

Once her “My hole!” moment circulated around the internet, the WWE company began drafting up merchandise for the line. However, it seems that the merch never made it to distribution. Jax clarified that during the COVID era, there was a lot more freedom to do and say things. She spoke to the head merch guy who said the “My hole!” shirt was just going through the channels to be approved. But, she doesn’t know what happened after that. She suspects that somebody decided they didn’t want her to turn into a gimmick and that’s why the merchandise never made it to the market.

In summary, Nia Jax intentionally said “My hole!” during a WWE match to make the executives laugh, but she never expected the line to go viral. The WWE planned to make merchandise for it, but it never made it to the market, possibly due to concerns that Jax would become a gimmick.


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