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Nia Jax takes subtle shot at RAW Creative team

Nia Jax takes shot at RAW Creative team.

Nia Jax reacted to the announcement of the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match made official by Shane McMahon.

Jax addressed it and took a subtle shot at the Creative team of RAW- the brand she’s presently contracted to.

On the most recent episode of SmackDown Live (May 30th), SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon announced the very first Money In The Bank ladder match that is to take place at the upcoming PPV of the same name, featuring female participants; namely Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Natalya and Carmella.

Nia Jax made her professional wrestling debut in 2015 in NXT and her WWE main roster debut last year.

The 33-year-old stands at an imposing 6’0” tall and weighs in at 270+ pounds.

As of the moment, Jax isn’t involved in any storyline on RAW, with Alexa Bliss and Bayley feuding over the WWE RAW Women’s Championship and Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox engaged in a rivalry of their own.

Considering that, Nia Jax referenced the aforementioned Money In The Bank ladder match announcement, to praise the blue brand’s creative team, whilst simultaneously taking a jab at the Creative team of Monday Night RAW.

Nia Jax is lauded for her power and intimidating persona in the WWE Women’s division however, has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism at the hands of several pro-wrestling fans and critics alike over the notion wherein they regard her as an unsafe worker.

On that note, Jax was indeed involved in a few botched spots in the past, with the most prominent among them coming not too long ago against Charlotte Flair.

Nevertheless, one ought to know that Nia Jax is still relatively inexperienced as a professional wrestling performer, and hopefully will only get better with each passing day.

Here’s hoping big things lie in wait for the Force of Greatness thy name Nia Jax.  

  • Arnold Jackson

    No one is diminishing Dean Malenko, your level of overreacting is only surpassed by your levels of bad counting skills. Just move past it.
    As for why is Nia even there? It is called a favor to the Rock. If you don’t think that nepotism in this case is part of it, I can’t help you. All shareholders don’t like her, that is a wide comment that is not true. I know this to be true because I own shares in WWE (it pays a nice dividend every quarter, I highly recommend it to you next time it’s around $15-$20 a share. It pays out even if it doesn’t make a huge profit) and I don’t care for her and I am hardly alone in this. What I see is a lack of skills in her that apparently you are willing to overlook. At least big female monster heels like Awesome Kong, Aja Kong, Amy Lee and others had a move set. Nia is truly awful.

  • MrDr3w

    You’re diminishing Dean Malenko to make a moot point about Nia Jax. Stop it. That’s just foolish.

    She may be the worst one out there, but she’s the best in her niche role. That’s why she’s the one who has it. She could easily have been kept down in NXT to develop her character for another year or two, but she was called up and given her role. She could easily have gotten released and replaced with Nikki Cross or another girl they were training down in NXT, but she’s still there. Yes, she’s horrible in the ring, but if she’s supposedly so bad, then why is she there? I just gave you a list of guys related to legends, and even current Hall of Famers (which the rock is NOT yet), so that proves that pedigree doesn’t mean much. The shareholders like her. The billionaire execs like her. The kids hate her because she’s big and she beats up the faces. I don’t see what you’re not getting. It’s common sense.

  • Arnold Jackson

    You know what sarcasm is right? I sort of gave you a warning this was coming by saying we should fire Tamina too. That said let’s look at your comment a little closer. 1. Yes Dean did use an occasional super kick in Japan and ECW but never as a finisher 2. Dean couldn’t talk and was practically a mute in WCW. 4.( I have to jump to 4 btw because you didn’t realize that 3 comes after 2 and just before 4) Malenko Was basically the Arn Anderson/bodyguard role in the 4 HORSEMAN. Dean was never the star, even when in the Radicals (Eddie and Chris were above him and you could even make a case Saturn was above by that point in his career as well.) 5. It was more of a statement that Nia lacks skill so much that she could make even Tamina (who is awful but still better than Nia) look like a seasoned pro in the ring by comparison. Everyone knows Dean was a great in ring performer, I could have said HBK, it didn’t matter. The point was anyone looks good compared to her in the ring. She is the worst out there right now.

  • MrDr3w

    Yep. You win because you can open up a dictionary and flood your response with big words, because all wrestling FANS are uneducated morons, right? That makes sense, because your responses are rather smarky and dickish. You’re not a real fan, or an analyst, or any sort of authority on the current WWE product. You’ve proven that. You’re just an old dude, yearning for what once was, that will never come back. This WWE is what you get. It’s not changing. Nia Jax is not changing or going anywhere, because she is what the WWE needs. P.S. If I lived under a rock, or was a member of the WWE’s largest fanbase (kids), I wouldn’t even KNOW she was Rock’s cousin. You’d think that that would come up, with us being right in the middle of the Reality Era. Natalya is referred to regularly as Bret Hart’s niece. Tamina is referred to regularly as Jimmy Snuka’s daughter. The Uso’s are referred to regularly as Rikishi’s sons and Roman Reigns’s cousin. You’d think that they’d want to take advantage of that familial connection that Nia has. NOOOOPE!! Why? Because when you’re connected to someone of that caliber, it sets a precedent and expectations are put on you. She’s not a technical, charismatic character, and the fact that she’s even there, tells me that they’re fine with it, and it’s exactly what they want.

    What ever happened to that Manu kid? Wasn’t Vader’s son signed to NXT once? Wes Brisco? Alberto Del Rio’s brother? Lacey Von Erich? Richie Steamboat? Shaul Guerrero? David Flair?

    All second- and third-generation guys and girls that WWE had released after it didn’t work out. Some even made it to the main roster before being cut. All had very prestigious lineages, having being descendants of some bona died legends of the industry.

    But I thought you said that Nia’s relationship to The Rock (who isn’t even in the Hall of Fame yet, mind you) was the only reason she was still employed by the WWE. You’re saying that your pedigree trumps everything else.

    Now I’m confused…


    This is rather awkward… :/

  • D2K

    If she wasn’t “ready,” she wouldn’t be on the main roster.

    **BUZZ** We’ve already discussed why she is on the main roster. Has nothing to do with her abilities good or bad.

    I’m also not concerned with your opinion of what an “unstoppable monster” is. Neither one of our opinions are facts, but being that I ripped your point to shreds the only recourse you have is to claim the examples I gave are not sufficient.

    Lastly using ad-hominems at the end just solidified your failure. Somehow a guy is disqualified from being an “unstoppable monster” because he has a legit athletic background?

    *Short trivia. Every guy I named had athletic backgrounds before getting into pro-wrestling.*

    You sound like someone that WWE has successly bought and paid for with the brand marketing. “Legit bad-ass” is something that was never even labeled on Brock Lesnar until AFTER he had a career in MMA, which is inconsequential to my point OR yours because we are talking about how people were booked from the start. That is what he IS in real life. A “monster-heel” is something someone is booked to be. To drive the final nails into your coffin……….

    Remember sport fans. Even though you hear Jim Ross in the second video refer to Brock Lesnar as a MONSTER, even though you can see with your own two eyes what this guy was doing, according to Mr.Dr3w Brock Lesnar is NOT a monster heel……………………


    Seriously. Do yourself a favor and stop talking. Take the L, and move along. You will respond with more ridiculous diatribe. I will not respond. I am merciful.

    YOU are done here.

  • MrDr3w

    1. Dean Malenko never did a superkick or a splash (which pretty much comprises her entire moveset). 2. Malenko actually had speaking skills. 4. Malenko was never an intimidating bodyguard. Tamina stood behind the stars. Dean Malenko WAS the star. 5. Come on. Comparing her to Dean Malenko? Even in a comparative light, that’s just asinine. Lol

  • MrDr3w

    You’re exactly right in saying that creative is the one to blame, because creative is the one who gave her her gimmick. If she wasn’t “ready,” she wouldn’t be on the main roster. Sasha Banks and Charlotte are the heads of their respected rosters, and collectively, they have injured themselves, as well as others in the ring. Has Nia injured anyone in the ring yet? Not that I know of. She is portraying a role that would otherwise be missing if she was not on the main roster. My point is that it’s not unusual for someone with that gimmick to be bland and boring, especially in the women’s division, where the majority is comprised of 100-lb. Barbie dolls.

    None of the guys you named even played the “unstoppable monster” role.

    Vader was a former football player, and portrayed as such. He was portrayed a big man who could move like a Cruiserweight, not an unstoppable monster. Not to mention, he wasn’t created in WWE/F.

    Using Brock Lesnar as an example is just stupid and ignorant, as WWE programming takes every opportunity to remind us of his prior experience in athletics and combat sports. Lesnar is portrayed as the “legit badass,” not the unstoppable monster.

    Undertaker was portrayed as the undead, supernatural force of the WWE/F, not an unstoppable monster.

    (Note: Keep in mind that we are talking about WWE/F-made superstars only, not “wrasslers” that were poached from “the territories”)

    I think your problem is that you’re still stuck in the past. This isn’t the WWF. This isn’t the WWWF. This isn’t WCW or WCCW. Times have changed. It’s the WWE now. It’s a publicly-traded company now. Vince Jr. has a very strict formula of the quintessential unstoppable monster character. They’re big, slow, methodical, stiff, scary, dangerous at times, etc. That’s why Braun Strowman was gaining popularity. He was showing glimpses of past superstars, like Vader and Undertaker.

    I’ll give you one more shot to name three, or as many as you can name, because it is a very, very short list, if that list exists at all.

  • D2K

    I don’t even think she weighs that much though. That suit she wears is designed to make her look bigger than she is.

  • numberoneromanreignsfan

    I agree if it was not for her being related to the Rock she would not have been on the main Roster on Monday night raw in the first place to begin with her being tough and taking out every superstar is all used up and its old they put Nia Jax off WWE television to focus on the other story lines of female wrestlers who can wrestle better than her and who are in better shape than her think Nia Jax needs to get more wrestling training and get at a healthier and better weight even though she is six feet tall 272 is too much for someone to weigh she should use the time off to train and be a better wrestler and get to the gym more and lose some serious weight and get more healthier weight wise and health wise and fitness wise or she will be a diabetic the I am a tough monster image has been done so many times

  • D2K

    Red herrings don’t work on me (bringing up Khali, Umaga, Big Show, and Kane.) I know I’ve told you this. I’m not an amateur. I’ve been a wrestling-fan longer than you’ve been alive. You aren’t gonna educate me on anything here.

    First of all, you would have to be pretty obtuse to make a back-handed suggestion that I think that monster-heels need to be technical-marvels. Monster-heels or unstoppable forces be they heel or face only need to make their moves look crisp, look scary, and look like the should kill you. That is very simple, and no Nia Jax cannot do this right now.

    Your last line in reference to Kane was…

    “he had been employed for twenty years and was jobbing.”

    Not only is this WRONG (because Glen Jacobs came to WWE in 1995 and was “talking” and doing comedy-skits 6 years later, was setting people on fire and hooking jumper cables up to genitalia a few years after that all while being in and out of the title picture) and the fact that he had in recent years been part of the Authority angle. That’s the only person in your list that has been employed by WWE for more than 20 years. I don’t know where you THOUGHT you were going with this, but I ended it for you.

    I stated in a very transparent way that Nia Jax is NOT READY. I also said that more of the blame needs to go to WWE management than to her. If you take a cake out of the oven too early and it falls, do you blame the cake? No. You blame the person that took that cake out. So your argument is a “house of cards.” To fill your quota however, let’s start off with someone very familiar.

    Leon White – Started his career in the AWA as Leon “Bullpower” White. Then he went to Japan as was offered the Big Van Vader gimmick when Jim Hellwig (the Ultimate Warrior) turned it down. HE excelled in the ring. Why? It was because Antonio Inoki put him in a position to succeed.

    Exhibit A.

    Brock Lesnar – Fresh out of OVW, Lesnar made an immediate impact in the ring defeating Hulk Hogan(clean,) The Undertaker, and The Rock for the Undisputed Heavyweight title all in the same year (and would have defeated Austin as well had he not of left.) Less than a year after that he was cutting great promo segments like this.

    Exhibit B.

    HE excelled in the ring. Why? It was because of his amateur-background, natural God-given abilities, and PROPER booking by WWE management both in his first run and second run.

    Mark Calaway – Started his career in WCCW as Texas Red. Moved on to USWA and had a couple of gimmick as the ‘Master Of Pain’ and ‘The Punisher’ before making it to WCW as Mean Mark Callous. When he debuted in the 1990 WWF Survivor Series as ‘The Undertaker’ it was off to the races after that. He went undefeated until the ‘Tuesday In Texas’ PPV where he lost to Hulk Hogan. Even though his gimmick included a lot of no-sells, when he did sell he sold like a champ. HE excelled in the ring. Why? It was because he was seasoned having gone though the territories, having again incredible God-given athletic gifts, tremendous size, and being booked CORRECTLY.

    Keep in mind that there was serious consideration to have had the Undertaker hatch out of that egg instead of the Gobbledy-Gooker. That could have “buried” the Undertaker’s WWF career right there.

    To tie a bow on all this, the point is that as I said before (and you someone how missed it or ignored it) Nia Jax is NOT READY.


    Everyone can see that. No matter how hard you try you are not going to fit that square peg into that round hole.

    Brock Lesnar is the closest thing you had to having an instant, made-to-order, monster-heel. That is why he is so special because it’s something that doesn’t happen often. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that WWE in there ignorance/arrogance thought that they could just make a female Brock Lesnar-type out of Nia Jax, and it hasn’t worked. At ALL. She doesn’t have the tools that he does for one.

    The problem with wrestling today is that there is too much exposure. You can’t hide anywhere. Even if there were other territories around, she couldn’t hide all her bumbling and stumbling around the ring in another fed while she found her groove. She’s been doing this for two years so she deserves to lead-way. This is in no way a final deletion on Nia Jax. She not old, but at 33 she’s not young either. She has enough time to get better.

    She needs to work with some big people that could move in the ring. Give Vader a call. Call Rikishi (since they are sort of family.) Talk to Awesome Kong. Watch film of these people. Her frame reminds me a lot of Bam Bam Bigelow. Watch some of his work. There is a lot of material out there for her to study from. Learn some martial arts and add that to her moves list. I always thought it made the Samoan wrestlers look ultra-dangerous to be as big, strong, quick, and savage yet to have precision martial-art strikes.

    Nia Jax sill CAN become what WWE envisioned her to be, but not if they continue on the path they are now.

  • MrDr3w

    Name me three males with the “unstoppable monster” gimmick, past or present, that have excelled in the ring, and have had average mic skills, besides Braun Strowman. I’ll wait.

    Khali? No. Umaga? No. Big Show? No. Kane? By the time he was given a personality, he had been employed for twenty years and was jobbing.

  • D2K

    Uh… she’s not in any way, shape, or form. She can’t wrestle, she has default mic skills, despite being bigger (she’s not as big as she is portrayed) she has no presence of a larger athlete. She has no ring psychology. She can’t sell. She’s sloppy in the ring. Her moves are bland. She looks confused coming to the ring, and while in the ring.

    Basically if she was not related to The Rock not only would she not be on the main roster, at this point there is a chance she would have been cut by now. There is not a single thing GREAT about what Nia Jax does. There are far too many talented women out there that she is taking their spot.

    They try to build her as a monster, yet dress her up like a 200+pound supermodel. They give her theme music that does not fit her at ALL despite being a catchy tune. She gets no crowd reaction at all. That is TERMINAL for a gimmick when the fans aren’t even bothered to respond at all.

    She has failed miserably in “the role she was given.” Not all of it is her fault though. In fact, I would less of it is her fault and more of it is WWE management. For one, she’s not ready for this. Then the decision to trying an make her a monster-heel was a good idea, but the package they put her in was for a regular, ordinary woman wrestler.

    Look at Awesome Kong (Kharma.) She’s not as big as Nia Jax, yet she was terrifying. Not just for women, but terrifying PERIOD. She was booked as a monster heel, and they gave her appropriate music to match.

    Sending her back down to NXT would not be good. I think she should go to Japan and get some miles beat into her. Learn her craft in a more stiff environment. THEN corm back as a monster-heel with a little more seasoning.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s great for the role she was given.

  • D2K

    For someone who can’t wrestle or sell her way out of a wet paper bag, she is one to talk. RAW creative is abysmal, but don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.