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Nia Jax wants WWE to highlight women of color

Nia Jax has an issue with WWE’s latest tweet highlighting the best moments from the female wrestlers in the company this year.

The tweet in question, has four images featuring female superstars with the caption that reads, “There’s no denying it. The women of WWE BROUGHT IT in 2018!”

Nia posted a response to the tweet full of emoji of women representing people of color with the hashtag “#WeHereToo” which, as you may have figured” is referencing the fact that no women highlighted in the post were of color.

This sparked a discussion on Twitter with many saying that Nia Jax should have been there, not because she is a woman of color, but because she is one of the only three women who were able to capture the Raw Women’s Championship this year.

Besides that, the first women’s Royal Rumble winner and current SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka, who is a minority, was also not featured.

Many were also pointing out that the post has The IIconics for some reason, even though there are other women in the roster who have achieved much more than them, and yet they were not highlighted.

What do you think of Nia’s statement? Do you think WWE is lacking is promoting racial equality? Let us know your thoughts!

  • kristopherrobinson why

  • MT McGee

    Welcome to SJW “logic”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So you’re telling me; that women of colour did all those accomplishments, but because they aren’t on a single tweet it’s about colour…. that makes absolutely, zero sense.

  • MT McGee

    I don’t know who she thinks WWE should focus on. Nia can’t wrestle, neither can Tamina. Ember is okay, but not great. Naomi is only slightly better than a diva. Alicia is better than most of her diva era counterparts, but really doesn’t hold up against the likes of a Bayley or Sasha. Meanwhile, Ronda is known worldwide, Charlotte has most second most famous last name in wrestling, and fans genuinely get behind Becky. By saying what she said, she slapped Asuka right in the face, arguably the most successful wrestler, male or female, that WWE has signed out of Japan.

  • CC

    Wow, why do some people have to make everything about skin colour? From what I can see there, it’s all Smackdown talent anyway (with the exception of Flair attacking Rousey, but the focus there is on Flair), and last time I looked, that botch queen is on Raw.

  • CC

    They made the most history in the company? I do not think so.
    Is Rousey a woman of colour? What history did Jax make that is more important than any other woman who won a championship?

    And also, since when was this the “first” womens battle royal? There have been plenty before.
    And the one at WM was hardly historic, especially not considering all the other things we saw this year from the womens division.

    Hell, I barely even remember that battle royal, just as I barely remember any mens filler matches like that over the years. Because that is exactly what it was. A way to get more people on the WM roster.

  • Unos #1Fan

    All Tamina does is stand there with a dumb look on her face.

  • Mike the Ike

    What a crybaby SJW piece of crap she is. Ember Moon is on Raw every single week. Pig Nia and No Talent Tamina are on Raw every week. Asuka is the SD champ. Nia doesn’t have a leg to stand on, which is funny, because within twenty years she’ll literally not have a leg to stand on due to diabetes.

  • oppa

    It’s not about her. The first Women’s Royal Rumble was won by an Asian woman and the first Women’s battle Royal at Wrestlemaina had the final 3 being women of color, yet none of them were featured. Nia has a point here because it was a historic year for women, but women of color made the most history in the company.