Nia Jax Weight Loss Bedroom Photos Leak

Former WWE star Nia Jax recently took to her Instagram account and posted a couple of pictures flaunting her incredible body. Her caption read:



“The dogs can never let me have my moment and I’m ok with it 🐶”

Lina began working out seriously in October and has managed to lose over three stone in the six months since.

Back on the 16th of April, Jax revealed all about her decision to lose weight and how much she has actually lost in a tweet that read: “Me to Charlotte Flair after her wedding: ‘I feel gross & uncomfortable! I want to lose weight.’

“Charlotte to me: ‘Please let me help you! You got this woman.’

“Officially started in October… 6 months later, down 48lbs. Sends me killer workouts and motivates me.”

Nia Jax recently spoke on the Ring The Belle podcast and revealed that she wasn’t originally supposed to win and be the Sole Survivor of the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown Survivor Series Elimination Match at the 2018 Survivor Series event.

According to Jax, Team Raw was going to win, but originally, Sasha Banks (aka Mercedes Mone) was going to be the only survivor of the match. Vince McMahon apparently made the call to change the finish the day of the event since Jax was still trending on Twitter after the wild brawl where she broke Becky Lynch’s nose.

Nia Jax on receiving word the finish to the match was changed: “I believe it was supposed to be Sasha, she was supposed to be the sole survivor that night. We were in rehearsals, it was before doors opened, and the producer came out and said, ‘Vince changed it, Nia over.’”

On why the finish was changed: “It was the moment, I was still trending and that crowd hated me, oh they went nuts when I came out. So Vince was like, ‘No, Nia over.’ It was a cool thing but it was one of those moments where I’m like, ‘sh*t.’”

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