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Nia Jax’ WWE return getting closer

Nia Jax’ return to WWE is seemingly getting closer given her latest post on Instagram.

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Testing out the new knees 😜!

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Back in April, it was announced Jax, who suffered a torn ACL in both knees, would need to undergo surgery. It has obviously resulted in extensive time out of the ring with rehabilitation, but with WrestleMania season about to kick into gear, it could be the best time to return for the former Raw Women’s Champion.

  • Rajah

    Yeah, just be careful with offering perfectly logical advice around here, you’ll set off the easily triggered who’ll acsuse you of fat shaming.
    It’s common sense that excess weight puts pressure on the knees, and I can speak from experience.

  • MT McGee

    Yep, every pound you lose you take it’s either 3 or 5 pounds of pressure of your knee joints.

  • lobsterball

    Got to love how she boomeranged the video of hitting the ropes once and the rest is repeat over and over… hope she’s still not stiff, reckless, and uncoordinated as before…

  • CC

    Funny thing is, when I pointed this out when she first went out, I had people telling me I had no idea what I was talking about.
    It is simple science that excess weight puts too much pressure on joints, especially the knees. Both Mark Henry and Big Show have had the same problems.

  • MT McGee

    She looks a little slimmer though, hard to tell with it moving so fast. Hopefully she uses this time to drop at least 70lbs. Even being in shape, she’s still a good six inches taller than almost every other woman on the roster, so her being a monster still works.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if Nia lost a little weight to help out with her “new knees” because a woman her size would had all the weight on her body impact her knees and her knees got blown because of her size.