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Nia Jax’s message about body shaming results in serious drama

Nia Jax

Nia Jax is becoming a spokeswoman for people who aren’t like most. She continually gives an inspirational message about what a real woman can be and how some people aren’t supposed to fit the mold.

The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls recently posted an inspiring Instagram image with attached text of hope and perseverance. What she received, in turn, was Lana pretty much shooting on her. As you can read below, Alexa Bliss joined the fray for a moment to give some kayfabe quip about Nia finding her title. Bliss and Jax are best friends in real life which will certainly be highlighted on the next season of Total Divas.

But Lana might have bitten off more than she can chew on this one. After some investigating it looks like she might have already deleted her social media faux pas. But what remains are all of the nasty comments she received for saying what she did.

Lana: “My life motto: follow your own path no matter what people think! Btw I hear all the time I am too skinny and too fragile and not strong enough…. cough cough cough… umm wait was that what you said or @natbynature !!!! ??? ? I’m just saying Remember that time you told me my amount of lifting weight wasn’t impressive like yours ??? Hmmmm interesting …”

Nia Jax: “oh lord. Here we go…putting your #CrazyLana stamp on my heartfelt post ?! Making it about you…as always!!!!”

Lana: “oh please I am just pointing out the truth…. body shaming comes in all shapes and sizes. Including being called too skinny and can’t lift enough…. some people are small some people are big, some people are flexible, some people can lift heavy. All of it is impressive and beautiful in it’s on way. I am just reminding you to practice what you preach. ?”

Nia Jax: hahahah! You’re delusional! Body shaming and telling someone that maybe you shouldn’t boast about lifting heavy when you could be showing a more athletic side to themselves are not even close to the same thing ?

Lana: “I never never ever said I left heavy! Never ! Because I don’t ! So don’t put words in my mouth. And I have no problem posting the little amount of weight I lift because that is me and my journey and I don’t think anyone should be laughed at for not lifting as much as you do or super strong people. At the end of the day I follow my own path and share it to the world… the good bad and the ugly. Because I am the first to say I am far from perfect and have much to learn”

Alexa Bliss: “Oh good, you found my title!”

Nia Jax: “Typical!!!! Two of the most attention seeking women in the WWE coming on my post and trying to make it about themselves ??? ….”

Lana: “literally never making it about myself…. actually you come on my posts and always make it about yourself ! Interesting. But anyways. All these people attacking me I was just calling her out but I wish her the best and I am all for people breaking molds… I also ???”

  • David Wells

    No matter what all 3 are Gorgeous women in their own right!

  • oppa

    They’re all on Total Divas and Nia is best friends with Alexa. This is a work before they air the show.

  • MrDr3w

    Seems like a work to me. We know all three are besties IRL. Also, good on Alexa for trying to rein those two in and keep things kayfabe.

  • jedi

    Lana is 100% right good for her! Goes both ways!