Nick Aldis on fans who call him Mr. Mickie James

Nick Aldis attempted to defend the NWA Heavyweight Championship at All In, losing the title to Cody Rhodes. Prior to this, Aldis went on a crusade, attempting to bring the title back to its former glory.



Highlighted in the Ten Pounds of Gold series, Aldis took on all challengers after defeating Tim Storm for the belt back in December, ending his reign at 419 days.

Aldis became the face of Billy Corgan’s NWA and became the star of one of the most interesting stories in wrestling this year.

However, some fans consider the former champion to be a bit of a failure, though he’s won both the TNA Heavyweight Championship and NWA Heavyweight Championship. Trolling fans seem to have gotten to Aldis, as he addressed those that call him “Mr. Mickie James” on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast recently. Aldis compared himself to Cody Rhodes, stating that they both have shadows to break out of.

The very compelling thing about Cody Rhodes and I is that there are parallels with completely different origins. They were very parallel journeys in a sense where we both had this huge thing looming over us that has no barring of what our ability is that we bring to the table. His being that he’s the son of Dusty Rhodes and mine is that I’m married to someone successful [Mickie James].

No one was talking about that when I was the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Mickie was sitting at home or when she was pregnant with our son, that wasn’t an issue, but now and then I’ll get the Twitter troll who will say something like, ‘Oh, Mr. Mickie James gets another chance?’ ANother chance at what? Believe me, it doesn’t help. If anything, it’s the opposite. It’s not a help. That’s not the way that I would want to go to the WWE for example if that ever happens.

Nick Aldis is a quite successful star and has definitely increased his worth working with the NWA. Is it time for those fans he speaks of to give him the respect he deserves?

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