Nick Aldis on what he wants to see in season 2 of NWA Powerrr

2019 has been an incredible year for professional wrestling. We’ve seen IMPACT Wrestling return to a stronger network, thanks to a great week-in and week-out product. The Wednesday Night Wars kicked off with AEW taking on NXT each other, giving us some of the best in-ring performances of the year. However, one of the biggest stories this year was the arrival of NWA Powerrr.



Thanks to Billy Corgan and Nick Aldis, the NWA was able to get some interest going in the company again. With the 10 Pounds of Gold series on YouTube, they were able to remind the wrestling world about the importance of the NWA World’s Championship.

Aldis recently spoke with Wrestling Inc.‘s President Raj Giri about Into the Fire, their upcoming PPV, and what he wants to see in the second season. When it comes to what they’re doing going forward, Aldis really wants to focus on the podium promos that have helped get a lot of their talent over.

What you’ll see, I think, in th next season is a stronger emphasis on guys going to the podium and cutting a promo and making people care about them. The rest will fall into place based on what the natural matchups are. That’s my philosophy on booking.

I’m not the booker but I have a say. My philosopy on booking is that the matchups present themselves. The personalities, as they emerge, you see who matches up well with each other and then you go from there.

The NWA World’s Champion will put his title on the line at Into the Fire when he defends against the Cowboy James Storm.

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