Nick Diaz ‘Meltdown’ Before Robbie Lawler Fight Leaks

Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler go way back. In fact, the two will be facing each other again very soon. While the ideals between the two was never rivalry driven – it is still very impressive to see everything come full circle almost twenty years later. George Takei Reveals ‘Shameful’ Joe Rogan News.



With so many years removed from their very first encounter, Nick Diaz spoke about what scared him when he was first to see Robbie Lawler in the octagon. Nick Diaz is not one to be easily shaken, so it truly is a nod to just how great Robbie Lawler can be.

Nick Diaz stated the following about the very first time he and Robbie Lawler were to go at it one on one with each other so many years ago: “So the thing is with Robbie (Lawler) that kind of freaked me out was that he knocked out Steve Berger, Tiki Ghosn… He knocked these guys out, man. It was like…there was no way I was going to win and everyone was like ‘oh, you’re fighting Robbie Lawler?’ So when I went out there, I just did what I knew and I spooked him.”

We will have to see what happens this time as both men are even wiser.

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