Nick Diaz ‘Rejects’ Conor McGregor In Video

Nick Diaz has been the most silent we have ever seen him as he’s ready for his second fight against Robbie Lawler on Saturday. While Nick took the win last time, he is still training just as hard almost twenty years later to take another win away from Lawler. This was easily seen on the behind the scenes footage of Hot Boxin With Mike Tyson. Candace Owens Leaks Sad Joe Rogan Rumor.



In the video, Nick Diaz is asked about fighting Conor McGregor or if his brother, Nate Diaz will be fighting McGregor. Nick Diaz doesn’t flinch or respond at all. The camera person, Eli, then suggests that fans are extremely excited for Nick’s return to which he nods. It’s clear that Nick is just in deep tunnel vision for Saturday.

One commenter stated: “Bro what is this guy asking nick legit nicks zoned in af getting ready being coherent and this guys just asking some really lame questions. You need someone like Ariel to talk to nick not some guy that makes him feel like 2011 ufc gsp issues lol.”

Another commenter said on the video: “When you listen to Nick talk that man has wisdom. Many people say he’s not a good speaker, they just don’t understand him. @Elie bro if you have a job talking to people, you gotta get better material. Do your do diligence so you don’t go in there sounding like an a**!”

Lastly, another YouTube comment stated: “Look how clearly Nick speaks for brief moments, then he doesn’t talk at all. That tells me the silence is intentional and he’s most likely annoyed!”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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