Nick Diaz Was Attacked By Men At Club

UFC star Nick Diaz was recently involved in a controversy in Vegas this week. On Wednesday evening, reported that the elder Diaz brother was involved in a fight that broke out in a nightclub on the strip in Vegas. As per the multiple eye-witnesses, Diaz was actually not the aggressor or instigator in the situation. In fact, he was apparently the direct opposite.



Nick Diaz was involved in a fight

TMZ noted in their report that Diaz was going to the bathroom at 2:30 am local time in Vegas when he accidentally bumped into someone. The guy he bumped into, unaware of who Diaz was, began talking trash and insulting the former UFC title contender until a couple of his friends saw and the three — or four — of them ganged up and started an unfair 3-on-1 or 4-on-1 fight with the UFC star. Dustin Poirier Exposes Logan Paul As Fraud

Diaz has seen himself at the center of multiple brawls in the past at MMA events, including one giant black eye, particularly at the time when he and his Cesar Gracie teammates, also known as “The Scrap Pack,” sparked a major brawl with Jason “Mayhem” Miller during his post-fight interview in the cage live on television.

The following is an excerpt from the TMZ article regarding the Diaz nightclub incident this week:

We’re told Nick apologized and said he didn’t want any trouble, but 3 other men then joined the first guy and jumped Nick … who tells us, ‘I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was.’

He tried to defend himself, and got hit hard in the head — and then the fight spilled out of the bathroom, and out onto the Bellagio’s casino floor.”

Diaz is set to take on Robbie Lawler at toinght’s UFC 266 pay-per-view.

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