Nick Diaz Was ‘Banned’ From UFC For Bad Drug?

Going back about five years ago, times were very different in UFC as it pertained to drug use. Specifically marijuana use. No one knows the use of marijuana possibly better than the Diaz brothers. The two are known for their love of the herb and they have still done very well in their careers even while using it. Many may not know, but Nick Diaz once came under giant fire for being an avid user of the green. Nick Diaz Was Attacked By Men At Club.



After his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in January 2015, Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana and was subsequently served a 5-year-ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He was also punished with a hefty fine of $165,000.

Diaz tried his hand at trying to get around this since, at the time, he filed an appeal protesting the verdict and got the ban reduced to a period of 18 months. This backfired, sadly, as due to his inability to pay the $165,000 fine, the Stockton native was considered ineligible to compete.

Later on down the road, Nick Diaz eventually was able to come to an agreement with the commission and was allowed to fight again. Even with that, Diaz still took just about six years off from the ring and fans are happy to see this comeback.

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