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Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore on His WWE NXT Release, If Politics Were a Factor, His Future, More

– As heard above, former WWE NXT trainer Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore talks with Steve Juon of about his recent departure from the company. Below are highlights:

The full interview with Dinsmore is available here, Stitcher, ITunes, etc., but I’ve transcribed a few highlights of our chat below.

How does Nick feel about the WWE Network?

“I think it’s a phenomenal product. They haven’t even scratched the surface so far as to what’s on the Network for what they actually own. A lot of other media distributors are really looking at the Network, it’s really cutting edge and the first of its kind.”

Does Nick want to see Ohio Valley Wrestling on the Network?

“They own the complete TV library for the times OVW was contracted to be a developmental territory. I think it’s just a matter of time until they roll out the entire package and tell that story, I think it would be a great story.”

How did Nick get such a great reputation in OVW?

“That’s the kind of wrestling I always enjoyed watching – I’d watch William Regal, I’d watch Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay – and I kind of wanted to emulate that style. That’s how I got the name ‘Mr. Wrestling’ because I could do a one hour match and not use the same hold twice.”

How did that translate into playing ‘Eugene’ on WWE television?

“I wanted to give back to some of the wrestlers from days gone by, like the airplane spin from Gorilla Monsoon, or the big boot and the leg drop (of Hulk Hogan), all my favorite moves and just emulate the emotions that I felt when I watched wrestling growing up.”

What did Rip Rogers have to do with the Eugene character?

“He gave me the idea for Eugene, he was always there to give guys different bits and ideas, and help them learn the craft. When I first started wrestling I was in the ring with him at least once a week. You can train as much as you want, but you really learn when you’re in the ring with somebody more experienced than you in front of fans. He was the one who taught me how to become a performer. Rip was always the one I drew from to be the character I was.”

What does the future hold?

“I’ve been talking to some of the highest profile wrestling companies around the world. I’m gonna let you in on a little something – you’re gonna see Nick Dinsmore very very soon.”

What led to his departure from NXT as a trainer?

“I’ve been with NXT for the past year and its been a phenomenal experience. I’ve grown as a coach, as a performer, as a business man, it was a great experience. I just wasn’t the right fit for this time, and I understand that but ‘never say never’ brother because I’ve been back to WWE three times so you never know that’s gonna happen in the future.”

Were there politics involved in his leaving?

“Honestly I don’t know. I didn’t do anything I felt on my part to get fired, but that’s the way big business goes sometimes – sometimes you just don’t get an answer. There was no ill will, I didn’t burn a bridge, I didn’t do anything wrong so – I’m actually happy just to be able to get out and start performing again and make a splash on the independent scene.”