Nick’s Quick Wits-The WrestleMania Feel

As all of you are aware, WrestleMania is just over three weeks away. For us, it’s the biggest event of the year, but does this year’s event have that special “WrestleMania” feel? The feeling of excitement in the buildup and interest in the show. I’ll go over most of the expected card to examine how excited one could get for WrestleMania 31 (I’ll still use the number)




The pre-show will probably feature a tag team title match, I’m guessing Kidd and Cesaro against the Uso’s, and maybe Miz and Mizdow, with Mizdow finally turning on Miz. I expect that to happen at WrestleMania, if not sooner. They may even face each other, probably on the pre-show because the main card is already looking stacked. Being on the Pre-show means your not technically on the WrestleMania card, but it’s still a big deal, but not everyone can fit on the main card.

The ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship should be a highlight reel. It has over competitors, such as Ambrose and Ziggler, and a great heel champion in Barrett. Ambrose and Ziggler are two of the most over guys on the roster, yet are regulated to the mid-card, or maybe even the opener. I see this being a great match, giving the Intercontinental title the attention it hasn’t in years.

The divas match is going to be either AJ and Paige vs. The Bella Twins, or a fatal four way for the title. I like that idea better, but I see the tag match happening. AJ, Paige, and Brie can wrestle, Nikki is ok, but the less talented twin. If we’re going to give divas a chance, these four won’t disappoint.

The second annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal aka Creative as nothing for you match is taking place, and all I hope for this is that winning it actually means something. Cesaro was over tremendously when he won the first one, but his push went nowhere fast. I’m guessing Ryback would be the favorite, so he can finally recover from the near career-destroying heel turn. This should be a fun match to watch, hopefully it’s book well and goes over smoothly.

I would just like to quickly point out that wherever Daniel Bryan ends up on the card is an insult to his talent and popularity.

If you don’t think Randy Orton is setting up Seth Rollins, you probably don’t have much common sense. It’s obvious the sneak attack is happening, following up with a match at WrestleMania. This one should be good, I wouldn’t be bother by the winner whomever it is. Win or loss, I see Seth cashing in later on anyway. Orton wants revenge, the story writes itself.

Yes, we are getting Cena vs Rusev for the U.S. Title, and yes Cena is going over. While Cena is far above a mid-card title, him holding the United States Championship will make the title relevant again, that’s a good thing because it gives wrestler’s in the mid-card something to fight for, as well as main event level exposure facing Cena for that title.

Honestly, I see no point in Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker without the streak. I don’t get why Wyatt would challenge him without the steak being around to break. I think this will be a quick squash with Undertaker winning, proving that he still “has it”, and a loss to Undertaker won’t hurt Bray much, if at all.

Sting vs Triple H is about ten years or so too late. I still think it will be a good match, but Sting is in his mid-fifties and who knows what kind of shape he’ll be in. It’s a huge deal and something to get excited about, don’t get me wrong, considering it’s Sting’s first, and maybe only match in WWE. I see him winning, because him finally coming to WWE and losing makes no sense.

Last, but not least, you have the main event, Brock Lesnar defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns. The part I’m looking forward to the most is how much the crowd hijacks it, if they do at all. Lesnar is likely going back to UFC afterwards, so hopefully he doesn’t phone it in like his other last match. Reigns wins, Rollins cashes in afterwards, leading to a heel leaving WrestleMania with the title, something that doesn’t happen too often. If booked right, a hard-hitting brawl, it should be a good match, if book like a wrestling match, it will be hard to watch.


I’d say that this year has the “WrestleMania feel” depending on the type of fan you are. If you’re a casual fan that watches just because it’s WrestleMania, then you will be excited regardless, however, if you’re a “smart fan” some things you may like, while others will leave you upset. Those fans will have a harder time enjoying themselves, but very well may none the less. I’m excited because it’s WrestleMania, but I would understand if others just say “whatever” to this year’s event.

Until next time, don’t shake off the WrestleMania feel,

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