Nigel McGuinness Speaks on Coming to WWE, Matt Hardy Talks About SmackDown

– Matt Hardy posted the following on Twitter regarding the ending to his match with CM Punk on Friday’s SmackDown:



“By the way, for any of you wondering, I won SD’s Main Event against World Champion CM Punk by DQ. And you ask, why was there no bell? Apparently, Punk threw the bell ringing tool away when he got the chair so they couldn’t ring the bell-but Punk did get officially DQed..”

– Nigel McGuinness spoke with The UK’s Sun about his status with WWE:

“I am not 100 percent on board yet. I still have to cross some I’s and dot some T’s but it’s looking positive. It’s been a long time coming for sure. Ten years since I first took a bump and about eighteen since that fateful day I sat in Wembley Stadium [at SummerSlam 1992] and said I was one day going be a pro-wrestler. Still, like I said, I don’t want to tempt fate until it’s all signed sealed and delivered.”

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