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Nikki Bella Confirms That Her Recovery From Neck Surgery Will Be Featured On Total Divas

As noted, WWE Diva Nikki Bella confirmed reports about her facing neck surgery during an interview with E! Online. Bella spoke with on Monday about the injury. Here are the highlights.

So this surgery isn’t exploratory, you’re actually trying to fix the disc.

I’m trying to fix it. No matter what, we’re going to fix the disc. I’ll have a plate and three screws in me. I will officially be The Bionic Woman: Unstoppable and unbreakable.[Laughs]

When did you first realize you had suffered the injury?

I started feeling it in July, right before the Australian tour. There was something different with my body and the more and more I kept wrestling, the more I knew something was off. It was probably a week before Night of Champions that I knew something was definitely wrong and I needed to get an MRI.

Will we get to see your rehabilitation process on “Total Divas”?

The cameras never stop filming, so you’ll get to see this whole process step by step. Unfortunately, they’re not allowed to go inside doctors’ offices with me, but they’ve been there on the car rides, when I walk in, when I walk out. I even filmed a meeting with one of the doctors. They’re going to be there for the surgery and they’re going to be there for my whole rehab.

You can read the entire interview here.

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    heh probably the worst pic of Nikki there is out there I think, with the make up / camera flash combo and that smile she looks like the Joker.