Nikki Bella ‘Disrespects’ John Cena After SummerSlam?

Let’s face it – it’s almost impossible for Nikki Bella and John Cena to stay kosher. Can you really blame that due to the circumstances that the two share though? Nikki Bella recently had a lot to say about SummerSlam when she was interviewed about the show. As many can already imagine, she was mostly not happy at all about Bianca Belair getting buried so quickly and we share her thoughts exactly. While this is something we understand, it looks like Nikki is out for John Cena as well….Braun Strowman WWE Return Match Leaks.



In a recent interview, Nikki Bella was insanely candid about the recent showing of SummerSlam. Nikki had some slams of her own for the company as she buried the card. Nikki had the following to state after being asked what her favorite moment was: “I could tell you what wasn’t my favorite moment, and it was when she [Bianca Belair] lost. It definitely was not my favorite moment, and I don’t know if I actually had a favorite moment.”

Nikki closed: “I always back the women, and I’m always for the women, and you have someone like Bianca who is such an incredible talent, and you can’t help but get frustrated when you see moments like that for a championship that meant so much and was lost within seconds. So I have to admit for this SummerSlam, there truly wasn’t anything that was my favorite.”

With John Cena and Roman Reigns closing the show, it looks like Nikki wasn’t impressed with them either. Back to the drawing board, WWE.

Special thanks to SportSkeeda for the transcription.

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