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Nikki Bella feels The Bella Twins don’t get enough credit for starting the Women’s Revolution

The Bella Twins have been a constant part in women’s wrestling since the PG Era. Their role in the establishment of the Women’s Revolution is often debated, but Nikki Bella strongly believes that she along with Brie Bella do not receive enough credit for starting the Women’s Revolution.

The longest reigning Women’s champion was recently a part of the In This Corner podcast with Brian Campbell where she discussed her role in establishing the Women’s Revolution among several things.

On asked whether The Bellas receive enough credit for their role in the Women’s Revolution, Bella replied:

  “Definitely not, “I guess it’s the point where I don’t feel like I need the credit, but it’s more or less been the disrespect where I have been the punching bag and I think that is hard because, as we know, especially WWE they are pros to “perception is reality.” So, however, they perceive someone people tend to believe that where that person is that person, and for some reason my sister and I have been turned into the punching bags, like, oh, put them with this person and let that person talk about The Bellas and it will elevate them, and that is who we have become. We have been that for a very long time, and it gets exhausting and I’m not going to lie it gets very frustrating because for some reason we have been the women that don’t care about wrestling. But I have been here for 12 years; I have broken my neck and have come back. I absolutely love professional wrestling; I have a passion for that.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription


  • Armitage Soulshroude

    The Jacobite’s started the revolution. Though I can see your *ssbackward point.

  • jedi

    Lol watch one of your matches & you will know why!

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t mind the Bella Twins. I’ve defended them against unfair criticism before… but this comment from Nikki would be like saying “You know, England doesn’t get enough credit for starting the American Revolution”. The Bella Twins were basically what the revolution was standing up against.

  • Mike the Ike

    They only thing they should get credit for is the spread of venereal diseases backstage.

  • Soulshroude

    The Bella’s deserve and earn no credit. They did NOT start the Women’s “Evolution”. The WWE scripted it that way to account for the politics of the day which include “Women’s Rights”. That’s it and that’s all… during said time, the Bella’s weren’t the focal point of the time allotted. They were busy with Total Diva’s.

  • CC

    But in the cases of Hogan & HHH, they had actual wrestling careers before WWE.
    Cena they developed prior to calling him up to the main roster and let him develop even more once there before pushing him.
    The Rock had the family history and could actually wrestle, then once he got to the main roster and his gimmick failed, he had to get himself over without help.

    The Bella’s had no wrestling experience prior to joining WWE, and spent less than a year in FCW where they were pushed from the off.

    They then moved to the main roster, and were pushed straight away again.

    Four years later they decide to leave WWE.
    They only decided to return to WWE a year later because WWE offered them their own “reality” show as well. And guess what, pushed over everyone else again.

    Another four years later, and they are both gone from the ring again.

    And now we are once again back with them at the top of the card, but for how long?

    Fact is, I am no fan of Cena or Hogan, but while their treatment might be more than most would ever get, they earned it. HHH and The Rock certainly deserved their spots too.
    Although I think you are a little revisionist with The Rock. I do not think he got any better treatment than say Austin or Undertaker back in his heyday. Certainly not to the extent Hogan got back in the 80s and Cena got in recent years . He only got the special treatment since going to Hollywood, which is understandable.

    The whole contribution thing is about making women seen as legitimate wrestling talent, not clotheshorses put out there to look pretty and maybe put on a match.
    From a work perspective (and I am not even talking about actual talent here, just work load etc), the likes of Natalya can put in more work in one match than both Bellas can put in in several matches. And that is what the “revolution” is about. About getting away from style over substance and proving you can do both.

  • oppa

    Probably because they don’t deserve credit. More like Paige, Emma and AJ in this case. Sometimes I look at her and think I would totally be with someone like her. Then after seeing what she says I remember that looks aren’t everything.

  • Sean Pratten

    She’s actually kinda right here

  • Grant Thomson

    They didn’t belong to the Attitude Era, and they were hardly around for today’s current “Revolution Era”…they fall strictly in the middle, which was the Divas Era. I’m not saying they don’t deserve proper credit, but Charlotte, Becky, Asuka, etc would have achieved the same success with or without the Bellas around for a few matches

  • CC

    Half of that interview made no sense. It was just a load of waffle with the whole I really dont care but I do care really rubbish.

    There is no doubting they have put in the work, and in Nikki’s case she did indeed injure herself, but getting credit for starting the womens revolution? Give me a break.
    I also get sick of this 12 year thing. Twice now they have both walked away from WWE or from the wrestling side of it at least, and then been brought back as if nothing happened and pushed straight to the top.

    How about giving credit to the women like Ivory? A woman who actually wrestled in an era when women were just eye candy for the most part. How about the likes of Mickie James.

    These are the women the current generation owe their thanks, not two “divas” who only got where they got because WWE wanted them to.

  • Omar

    “I absolutely love professional wrestling; I have a passion for that.” Yet she complains about putting younger talent over. Boo Hoo. She made tons of money and gained popularity cashing in on her personal life with Total Divas and Total Bellas and now she is complaining that people think that she is selfish and trashy. Its what you have been portraying yourself as for so many years Ms. Bella. Since you were the face of Diva brand it makes sense to trash you when the Divas era is over and gone.

  • Sparti Love

    All I can say is.. lmao

  • JC Bolden

    You know I’m actually going to moderately agree with her. Do i think they were handed some things? Absolutely. So was Hogan, Rock, Cena, HHH, ECT. Do i think being with Bryan and Cena helped them? Of course. They did have to however sustain and put in a lot of work to be on the road, hold championships, come back from injuries, children and so on. On top of being there for 12 years. They aren’t my favorites but I think at this point they’ve contributed more than they get credit for.