Nikki Bella goes off about Triple H and others coining ‘Diva’ as a bad word

The term ‘Diva’ seems to be a derogatory term in WWE now and was called out by Ronda Rousey in her savage promo on Raw a few weeks ago.



She may be alone but Nikki Bella is still championing the term in the face of the Women’s revolution, and had some interesting things to say on the In This Corner podcast recently:

“I think that’s what hard for the women of that era now because Triple H and that group decided to say it was a bad word. It’s like wait what do you mean? You guys for years taught us to make this an amazing word and that’s what we did. We put our blood, sweat and tears into this. And I saw the work that went into that.”

“It was beautiful. I got to be a part of that bride you said when people wanted to see more of us and that was beautiful. Then when it gets taken away from the Diva era, that hurts me. That’s why I’m back. You think Diva is a bad word? Then I’m going to kick your ass and show you Diva isn’t a bad word.”

She has some points, but do you guys agree?


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