Nikki Bella on being miserable and depressed during her last WWE run

Nikki Bella’s final WWE run before announced retirement saw her return to the company in September 2018. She eventually get involved in a feud with Ronda Rousey, leading to a match at the Evolution PPV in late October.



However, this run started not too long after she broke up with John Cena and according to the former Diva’s Champion, she was still depressed while appearing on television.

Nikki talked about it during the latest episode of the Bellas Podcast and revealed that she had to force a smile on her face every time she entered an arena:

 “I felt like I went back way too soon, and every week I was so depressed and miserable, and every time I entered that arena I had to force a smile on my face,”

Containing on the topic, Nikki Bella discussed her heel turn later in the run and said that she was actually happy about not having to smile anymore.

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